Item Name:Small Pressure transmitter
Model Number:LED-P-TR-900
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Pressure transmitter LED-P-TR-900


All stainless steel sealed construction, corrosion-resistance, various configuration,wide temperature compensation, consummate linearity, signal output is multifarious ,zero and span adjustable, with OEM process optional.This LED-900 series are suitable for the pressure measuring and controlling in hydraulic pressure, dicxasting, center air-condition system, constant pressure water supply, air compressor and etc.
Ranges: 0-0.001MPa-60Mpa (600BAR)
Combined accuracy : 0.25%FS ; 0.5%FS ;1%FS
Signal output : 4-20mADC
Power supply: 24V±5VDC
Overload pressure: 120%FS
Operating temperature : -30~+85℃
Process connection: M20×1.5、G1/2、NPT1/2


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