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BWY-804 Transformer Temperature controller

BWY-804 Transformer Thermoregulator is a new generation product derived from Model BWY 802/803 one in compliance with JB/T 6302 Standard of Pressure-type Thermoregulator For Transformer issued by THE National Machinery Ministry. It is suitable for taking measurement and control of oil temperature in a medium-sized or Large-sized Transformer.
Main Technical Parameters:
1、 Normal operating conditions: (-30~+55)℃
2、 Measuring range: 0℃~100℃ 0℃~120℃ 0℃~150℃
3、 Indicative accuracy: 1.5 grade
4、 Control function:
(1). Setting range: adjustable within the whole span
(2). Setting accuracy: ±3℃
(3). Switch difference: 6±2℃
(4). Rated power of switch: AC 250V/3A
(5). Standard set Point:
0-100℃:K1=55℃ K2=65℃ K3=80℃ K4=90℃
0-120℃:K1=55℃ K2=65℃ K3=80℃ K4=100℃
0-150℃:K1=55℃ K2=65℃ K3=80℃ K4=130℃
5、 Output:
(1). Pt 100 platinum resistance signal
(2). DC (4-20) mA signal
(3). DC (0-5) V signal
6. Protection grade:IP55

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