Item Name:YX-360TRes meter
Model Number:YX-360TRes
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Minimum Order Quantity:1000

YX-360TRes Analog Multimeter

Excellent DC resplution factor of 2mV and expar resistance measurement form 0.2Ω to 20 MΩ
A large and bright meter with a scale length of 80mm sensitivity of 44Ua at full scale
Fuse & diode protection
DCV: 0.25-10-50-250-1000V(20KΩ/V) ±3% f.s 
ACV: 10-50-250-500-1000V(9KΩ/V) ±4% f.s
DCA: 250u-2.5m-25m-500mA ±3% f.s
RESISTANGE: 2K-20K-2MΩ(Max) ±3% of arc
dB: -10~62dB
Battery Test:: 1.5V
Transistor hFE Test: 0~1000(with TR connector)
Power supply: R6(1.5V) X 2


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