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Ring Case liquid fillable Gauge LED-P-OF-RC

Application: Used for Hydraulic and pneumatic system compressors,compressed air system suitable for fluid medium which does not clog connection port or brass used for providing protection from vibration and pulsation .
Case:stainless steel
Ring: stainless stee
Window: polycarbonate (glass)
Socket & Connection: brass
Movement: semi-brass (complete brass)
Bourdon tube: copper alloy (brass)
Pointer and dial: aluminum
Liquid: glycerin,silicone
Rang: vacuum, compound 0 to 6000 psi
Accuracy Class: F±3/2/3% (ASME B40.100 Grade B)
kl2.5 FOR 1 1/2",2", kl1.6 FOR 2 1/2",3",4"

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